Training over Christmas

How to get the most out of your training over Christmas


Christmas is always a tricky time for people when it comes to training and trying to fit in all the festive activities but Rowe & King Head Coach, Courtney Rowe has some key tips for maintaining fitness and enjoying the Christmas period. Getting the best of both worlds.

Should I stay or should I go. That is the question.

To train on Christmas day or take it as a rest day? 

For some it is a badge of honour to ride on that special day. The chance to get a few hours of extra training in or that super tough indoor session while the opposition are scoffing pigs in blankets, but lets look at the facts:

‘Your head knows it’s Christmas day, but your body just thinks every day is the same as any other day!  It’s no more special or advantageous than a quick ride on Zwift before work or a Saturday morning cafe ride with the cycling club- The training advantage is just the same’.

A well balanced training plan can place any session on any day, working your hard training days, long days, short sessions and rest days in with your social and work commitments. I advise athletes I coach to agree to take Christmas day as a rest day and where possible boxing day also. This allows you to throw yourself in to the festivities. This does not mean you have to over indulge, you can still show restraint but that is another topic.


So how do you make this mini break work for you? Here are my top tips…


1/ Switch your rest day to the 25th and perhaps 26th.

2/ Fit in a few extra sessions into your planned pre Christmas training to justify the break. A slight ‘overload’ and treat 25th and 26th as a ‘micro recovery phase’

3/ If you have time off between Christmas and New Year (many do) you can reap the rewards of the break and smash in some good sessions on fresh legs. You will be highly motivated after a few days off – and probably going well having been able to recover!

4/ Take the view – does it really make much difference? 

If you want to train on Christmas day then go for it. Why not, but remember your body does not know it’s Christmas! Enjoy your mince pies…

Article written by Rowe &king Head Coach, Courtney Rowe