Cycling coaching to help you become
a better cyclist, with more power
and more endurance

Custom Cycling Training Plan Designed For You

Your personal coach will design a training plan that
is tailored to you, meaning that it fits alongside your lifestyle, your fitness level and works towards achieving your own cycling goals – whatever they may be. Nothing is ‘off the shelf’.

Work With An Experienced Cycling Coach

All of our coaches are not only experienced and qualified coaches, but experienced cyclists too, meaning they understand what it is like to be in your shoes.

You will be matched with a coach who we think suits your personality and specialises in the demands of your goals, whether that be generally get fitter and stronger, perform in a target sportive, or perform in a race.

Meet the team

Your training sessions will be analysed with feedback provided

Analysis of the data and feedback you provide helps to ensure your training plan continues to focus on the right areas, and that the blend of intervals remains aligned to your goals.

We provide feedback on where you are improving, where we should focus next and how you are progressing.

Talk to your coach when you need us

We use WhatsApp as the primary point of contact,
but are also available on Skype, phone, email, text etc. to suit you.

Your coach and the wider Rowe & King coaching team is available to support you with training, nutrition, race strategy, gear selection and whatever else it is that you want to know!

Our packages




The Ride

Plan and Train

Performance Nutrition Support



per month


per month


per month


per month


one time


per month

Personalised training programme – based off your physiology

Revisions / updates to training programme

Daily / Unlimited
Daily / Unlimited
3 Monthly

Initial consultation to develop our understanding of you as a person and a bike rider

Review and assessment of cycling history 

WhatsApp Group – you and your coaching team

Daily email with prescribed training 

Feedback provided

Daily / Unlimited
3 Monthly

Nutritional support

Full engagement
Advice and guidance
Principle based
Full engagement

Strength & Conditioning

Full engagement
Personalised Weekly Sessions

Invitation to R&K Events

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