About Rowe & King Cycle Coaching

Rowe & King are a cycle coaching company, giving you the opportunity to be coached using the training methods that Luke Rowe and Dani Rowe (nee King) have used throughout their careers and are still using to this day.

Rowe & King was founded in 2015 by Matt Rowe, Courtney Rowe, Luke and Dani and was born out of the realisation that they were collectively running a coaching company already – albeit informally. Having spent the last 15 years offering general cycling advice and guidance, plus coaching riders – the magic mix required to establish a world class coaching company was evident.

Rowe & King Head Coach, Courtney Rowe has coached multiple World and Olympic Champions, but also coached grass root cyclists in to the sport and through to completing their first sportive event. Whatever your goal is in the sport of Cycling, Rowe & King are well positioned to support you.

Both Luke and Dani were attracted to the sport from a young age and have enjoyed a cumulative total of 25 years racing and training. Luke starting out on the back of a tandem with his father Courtney, whilst Dani was picked up through the British Cycling Talent Team Programme, where the first assessment was to ride a mountain bike round the school football field.

Luke and Dani have since progressed through the youth, Junior and U23 ranks to reach the top echelon in the sport as fully-fledged professionals. Along the way, they have won an Olympic Gold, 3 x World Championships, completed the likes of Paris Roubaix, Tour of Flanders, a Grand Tour and competed all over the world in the sport’s biggest events.

On their journey from aspiring youth to professional riders, Luke and Dani have tried and tested almost every training method. Through a development process with some of the world’s best coaches, both are truly equipped with some of the best cycling knowledge in the world today.

Aside from a drop of talent, the two most important factors that have led to Luke and Dani’s success are; hard work, applied to the right training. Anyone can try his or her best (as we all do!) but it’s of limited benefit without applying all our hard effort to the right training. This is where Rowe & King can help ensure you get the most out of what you put in, by providing bespoke training plans which target your specific cycling goals. Whether your goals are to become a professional cyclist, gain a 2nd cat licence, complete a sportive, perform at a specific event or simply becoming a better bike rider.

Ex-professional cyclist and British Cycling coach Matt Rowe and Head Coach Courtney Rowe (who is also a British Cycling coach and has coached Olympic Champions such as Rebecca Romero, plus Dani and Luke) founded the company in 2015 alongside Dani and Luke and now coach riders of all abilities, targeting a wide range of goals. Whether your goal is to simply get fitter and stronger to enjoy your bike more, or whether its targeting a specific Sportive or race – Rowe & King are well positioned to advise you, using some of the worlds best training methods.

For more information on the specific cycle coaching services that Rowe & King can offer – visit our Cycling Coaching Services page on this website or contact us via the Contact page.

This is a unique opportunity to benefit from the experience gained by two of the worlds best bike riders!